The biggest obstacles are on the other side, Unseen.


To feel visible.
To have a voice.
To live a self-sufficient life.

Hope makes it all possible.

At Visible Voice, our mission is to be a guiding light for men as they transition out of incarceration, for good.

We educate, equip and empower them with knowledge, mentorship, financial literacy and the tools they need for life-changing self-sufficiency.

We intend to inform and inspire, to be helpful and offer hope, to speak up, speak out and speak truth to these men as they re-enter society and strive to turn their lives around.

We work with them to attain the 4Cs—Career-oriented job, Credit, Car and Crib—what we believe is a solid and essential foundation for their new lives.

And most importantly, we go all out to help these men see and value their full potential, to feel visible again and to find their voice.


The system needs help.
Let’s improve re-entry
and break the cycle.

The costly cycle of
incarceration and recidivism.

At $75,560, housing a prisoner in California now costs more than a year at Harvard.1

The U.S. spends $80 billion on incarceration annually.2

Inmates released from state prisons have a 5-year recidivism rate of 76.6%.3

Re-offenses occur fairly quickly, within the first two years of release or parole.3

Today almost 7 million adults are incarcerated or under correctional control

Incarceration affects every community, financially, ethically and personally.

Work. A solution that benefits everyone.

It costs about $5000 to place and retain an ex-offender in a job4

Recidivism rates for those placed in jobs shortly after release ranged from 3.3 to 8%4

Immediate employment reduces recidivism of nonviolent offenders by 20%5

The sooner ex-offenders are employed, the less likely they’ll commit future crimes resulting in further incarceration. 5

Employers could qualify for tax credits and government incentives, see higher productivity and less employee turnover, and show that they are nondiscriminatory.6

Today almost 7 million adults are incarcerated or under correctional control

The choice belongs to all of us.


Life on the outside. 
It’s complex, moves fast. 
And it’s often unforgiving.

Just trying to get life’s basic essentials—work, housing and transportation—requires security deposits, a credit score, plus a driver license, birth certificate or other forms of ID. It’s unlikely that these men have these things coming out of incarceration. And when they don’t, the delay could take weeks, causing stress, anxiety and vulnerability to recidivism.

Additionally, many will face skepticism, doubt and shame. They’ll be denied work licenses and get shut out of career paths. If they’re lucky, they’ll accept whatever job they can get, and earn less than they deserve.

A tough process is more achievable, when there’s someone to help.

At Visible Voice, we’re helping governor-approved released men overcome the challenges of re-entry. They’ve already received their GEDs, and some have college degrees. They’ve taken classes in working skills, stable interactions and received the benefits of therapy. And they are more than ready for Visible Voice. Our expert team helps these men learn to anticipate obstacles, handle unexpected hardships, and prepare for success through workshops, seminars and one-on-one coaching mentorships. As a result, these men will find housing and transportation, they’ll get jobs and keep them, and they’ll succeed because Visible Voice will always have a heart for helping them find their way.