Once you’re on the outside, who you choose as your wingman will make or break you.

The road to independence after incarceration is fraught with snares and pitfalls. We founded Visible Voice in December 2017 to help formerly incarcerated men on this challenging road to re-entry. We believe with the right guidance from people they can trust, these men can learn to tackle their own problems and stay productive in society for good.

Billy Epps

Founder, Visible Voice

"The cost of your new life is all of your old life."

Visible Voice was built on a dream. Billy Epps had grown up with the desire to impact the world in a positive way. He didn’t have to look far to see that many people defined success in terms of material wealth, acquiring and maintaining a lifestyle based on the perceptions of others. It came with undesirable side effects—from overwork and lack of sleep, to poor health and alcohol and drug abuse, “living the dream” didn’t have to be that way. Billy wanted something more, a life with balance and purpose.

Billy recalled accompanying his grandmothers years ago, visiting family and friends who were incarcerated. He witnessed how these men were treated, and felt their shame and sadness. Thankfully, he also saw the uplifting power of his grandmothers’ kindness. He learned that helping those who fall down is the right thing to do. He saw how they spoke with understanding, restoring dignity and trust, encouraging hope. He saw how these men then turned their lives around, and was inspired by it.

Billy was also grateful for his father who, following a divorce from Billy’s mom, raised him in a positive, productive environment, surrounding him with love and encouragement, and instilling in him the desire to constantly improve his life as well as the lives of those around him. Billy thrived in school and sports, and eventually pursued a future in banking and entertainment.

With this background, Billy found his life’s purpose to mentor and assist those who have been incarcerated and give them what they once lacked, the tools to empower their self-reliance and enable their success. He feels blessed to be able to pursue his life’s purpose at full throttle, and challenges you to do the same.

Calvin P. Robinson

CO-Founder, Visible Voice

“Educating and equipping people with the knowledge and tools for fiscal responsibility.”

With a heart for helping others discover financial freedom, plus a background in consumer education and credit counseling, Calvin Robinson joined Billy Epps in founding Visible Voice.

Hailing from Chicago, Calvin moved to California to become the General Manager of a privately-owned law firm where he managed a multimillion-dollar portfolio. Building on his success, he founded and grew his own successful consumer education and credit counseling firm C&T Consulting. Under his strategic direction, he enabled thousands of consumers to find debt relief, rebuild credit profiles and re-establish control over finances for a changed life.

Calvin believes that everyone deserves a second chance and has contributed much of his time to help educate consumers about financial management and personal credit building. He has personally counseled thousands of consumers across the country and helped them determine the best plan of action for rebuilding their credit profile. When he is not helping others discover financial freedom through debt relief, Calvin enjoys spending time with his wife and three beautiful children.

Billy would like to personally thank those of you who helped bring the Visible Voice Vision to Life. You are all very much appreciated. It takes an amazing team to do what was done.

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